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Dan Plonsey


Upcoming Concerts: Monday, January 19 (MLK DAY), 9PM: At the Ivy Room, San Pablo Avenue, Albany. With Daniel Popsicle. Admission free! Playing until 1AM!!

January 31, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. An opera by Dan Plonsey and Harvey Pekar: Leave Me Alone (See poster to the right.) Go to the following link to support the opera by buying a Harvey Pekar ringtone, a six-panel comic "Opera Preview," or just make a donation. Then, see it live (or later) on the internet: leavemealoneopera.com

More details of upcoming (or past) Dan Plonsey events

Available now from: UNlimited Sedition: The newest recording by Daniel Popsicle, Music of El Cerrito Volume 2B: Wise King Taken by the Foolish One
A two-hour-long 2-CD piece in 26 sections, this is the second p art of the Kingdoms Diptych. More information: Full Press Release, information about the Kingdoms Diptych and the collection of Wi se King essays.

There are also two recent limited edition releases of Plonsey's music: